There will come a time

When the noises will fly away

The ambitions will motion away

And even the dreams that were without slumber will motion away

And it won’t matter to man

Whether it is sunrise or sunset

And at that time

Man will come to realize

That the senses can have no essence

That the hands of clocks can dither at telling time

That the value of wealth can falter, excepting no dime

And all of the money in the world can’t make him rich Continue reading



The dark lights of the night

Giving away great mental might

Conservations’ canon has to hold right

The blank and black nights

Given way by the boisterous days

This is the decree of the Wise One

The black and bright nights

When the wise become nocturnal horses

Listening attentively to the mystical noises

Oh yes! In the air is bright thoughts

Noise has morphed into dead silence

Stay alive and think a little

Be dead with the silence

And follow it into the orb

Where urban thoughts are born

So you may return to the world

Like a peacock in a pageant

And flaunt great thoughts

Salaudeen Isma’il


Self-luminosity is one of the features of her face

Rare as gem

Giving me love unalloyed

Giving up her life

In exchange for a meritorious one for me

Amidst confusion and chaos and pain

All she could think of is her offspring

That are at the comfort of the roof she has provided

By the grace of the Almighty


Saying she bears all the pain is no exaggeration

Her endurance cannot be exaggerated

To what shearing and transverse force she will yield?

Of what material she was made?

Or maybe she is just not a deformable body?

None of these, I have been able to rumble

What keeps her going is of extreme obscurity


And she is for sure

The only reason I hustle

The only reason I believe it’s possible

To get from the world

The silver spoon

Without which I was born

So I say

And I pray


                                                                                                       Salaudeen Isma’il